• TWIN
  • F4
Detu Twin
Connect your TWIN with a smart phone via Wi-Fi, preview, operate and have remote shootings easily. And also with the share feature,Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will become your 360 galleries.
Detu panorama player. Support playing all the 360° contents captured by Detu cameras, allowing you to look around in the scene by clicking and dragging your mouse. DetuPlay also supports stitch panoramic photos and videos captured by TWIN. Enjoy the fun of wandering in 360° space.
Detu stitching software. Auto recognize the files in F4, composing them as panoramic videos and photos with one click. Suitable for both beginner and pro.
F4 App
Detu F4 dedicated APP. You can connect F4 camera with smart phone via Wi-Fi,making previewing, operating and remote shooting easier.
Detu live streaming software. Real-time stitch the 4 lens images capturing from F4 camera. Create your own VR live streaming and output it with 5 different modes.
DETU panorama player. Supports to play all the 360° contents captured from DETU cameras. Leading you to look around in the scene by clicking and dragging with your mouse.