Growing, for approach the future to you.
About us

On Detu we are focused on VR technology development and application. Our main fields include: Content operation, technology research and services, hardware equipment development and production.

Detu provides the common customers and developers with technical services, such as VR cloud service, SDK and developer tools. Also has its own VR cameras, from common customers, up to profesional requirements

On Detu we like to help on the VR development with cloud+client and software+hardware integrated services.

VR era is coming.Join it with Detu.
Our company still growing

, developing new products and features.

At the end of 2015,

DETU is composed by 2 branches and one headquarter.

DETU is registered and founded

Since started, Detu focus on research and dvelopment of applications of VR technology

During this year Detu concept was growing up.

trying and exploring new ways to make the VR capable.

The Main idea of Detu was just born.

With the Dream about to approach the Virtual Reality to everyone and catch all the life, that surround us on a totally new way.